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Sina Weibo sees shares jump 19 percent on first day of trading

Billed as China's Twitter service, Sina Weibo has debuted on the US Nasdaq exchange. Depsite a less than desired IPO, shares jumped 19 percent in its first day of ... more >>

Sina Weibo sees shares priced below expectations in US IPO

Billed as China's Twitter service, Sina Weibo has sold fewer shares than expected in its US-based IPO, with the share price leaving much to be desired. The news ... more >>

EU market on recovery course as new registrations rise

Europe's car market has shown yet another monthly increase in registrations, following a protracted period of sluggish demand amid the continent's debt crisis. Britain... more >>

SAP thrives on cloud business, but strong euro a worry

Europe's largest software maker, SAP, has reported its cloud business has been making big strides, with revenues and underlying profit rising. But a strong euro has ... more >>

Germany has no alternative to Russian gas

More than 70 percent of Germany’s energy supply depends on imports. Russia alone accounts for a quarter of Germany’s gas, oil and coal imports. And real alternatives ... more >>

German power supplier RWE sees light at the end of 'disastrous years'

Germany's second-largest utility, RWE, has told shareholders the firm was hoping stabilize in the course of this year and beyond after huge losses in 2013. But there ... more >>

Ex-chairman of UK's Co-op Bank charged with drug possession

Paul Flowers, the former head of Britain's Co-op Bank, has been charged with drug offenses. He resigned last year after a paper published footage of him allegedly ... more >>

Coal: The fuel of the future, unfortunately

UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Insatiable Fly... more >>

Global warming: Another week, another report

UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Insatiable Fly... more >>

Language and migration: Johnson: A little German difficulty

“DEUTSCH oder Englisch?” the gruff middle-aged man behind the counter at the driving-licence authority asked, after a look at my passport. Your columnist had to take ... more >>

DAX-listed companies heavily rely on turnover abroad

The 30 German companies listed in the blue-chip DAX index have thrived mostly because of a boost in foreign turnover, a fresh study has shown. The finding reflected ... more >>