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Vatican bank clean-up pays off as profit soars

After years of scandals, ranging from money laundering to tax evasion, Vatican City looks on track to get its financial house in order. The Holy See-based bank has ... more >>

Nigerian fuel crisis shuts down banks

A bitter dispute over oil supplies continues to hold Nigerians hostage. Fuel shortages have grounded air traffic and are now threatening to cut off cell phone services... more >>

Russia's 'undesirables' law draws EU, US ire

Tension between the Kremlin and Western leaders has increased, after President Putin signed a new law cracking down on foreign NGOs. Critics have condemned the move as... more >>

Greece to repay creditors 'as long as it can'

The announcement from the government spokesperson comes days after the Greek interior minister warned his country would not be able to make debt repayments to the IMF ... more >>

Foreign taxpayers named by Switzerland

Switzerland has begun online publication of names of foreigners and foreign firms wanted in tax probes by their countries of origin, including Germany. American ... more >>

Medvedev: Russia to adopt 'tough position' if Ukraine defaults on debt

Russia says it'll adopt a tough stance if Ukraine fails to pay off debts owed to Moscow by its previous government. The warning comes after Kyiv passed a law making it... more >>

Bank of England confirms Brexit research after emailing error

The Bank of England has said it plans to research the economic risks of Britain leaving the EU. The admission confirms an email about the project that accidentally ... more >>

Yellen: Rate hike bound to come this year

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has insisted the benchmark funds rate would likely be raised before the year is over. She added investors must start accepting the ... more >>

Opinion: Yearning for the past may be useless

The German parliament has passed a new collective bargaining law. DW's Rolf Wenkel says it will not stand the test of time, because it may well be unconstitutional and... more >>

Netherlands to sell ABN Amro bank stake

The Dutch government has announced plans to sell the state-owned bank, seven years after it was nationalized during the global financial crisis. The move sets the ... more >>

Mazda, Mitsubishi act on Takata airbags

Days after Japanese car parts maker Takata doubled the number of vehicles being recalled due to the company's defective airbags, auto giants Mazda and Mitsubishi added... more >>