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Ultrasonic executives leave quietly in mystery China disappearance

Shoemaker's CEO and COO leave no tracks as they abscond with the kitty. They are not the first; short sellers have discovered that corruption theft and fraud in ... more >>

China pumps cash into its biggest banks

Beijing seems to be worried about a possible liquidity shortfall and is handing out cash to its main banks. The move comes as foreign direct investment and production ... more >>

Sony soldiers on amid further dire losses

Sony has issued its fourth profit warning in the last ten months. It blames a one-off charge to its mobile phone division for a fourfold increase over the previous ... more >>

NASA picks Boeing, SpaceX to build ISS 'taxis'

Boeing and tech specialists SpaceX have won NASA commissions to send astronauts into orbit, starting in 2017. NASA ditched its own shuttle program in 2011, leaving the... more >>

OECD proposes curbs to corporate tax avoidance

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has proposed draft laws to stop companies from avoiding billions of dollars in taxes. All OECD members and ... more >>

Future Afghan government to face 'looming fiscal crisis'

With growing hopes for the conclusion of a disputed presidential poll, analyst William Byrd talks to DW about the economic challenges awaiting Afghanistan's future ... more >>

German court lifts temporary injunction against car service Uber

The temporary injunction against online taxi service Uber operating in Germany has been lifted by a court in Frankfurt. Taxi drivers brought legal action against the ... more >>

UN study denies climate protection precludes growth

A high-level panel at the United Nations has said the world can save money by investing in low-carbon energy, contradicting naysayers' claims that climate protection ... more >>

China tackles air pollution with ban on sulfurous coal

China is finally getting serious with pollution and banning highly polluting coal. Australia's coal exports are likely to be hit as that country's miners struggle to ... more >>

UN Report: global underfed population drops 100 million in a decade

A UN report has revealed great progress in the fight against world hunger, with the goal of halving the world's underfed population by 2015 within reach. Still, ... more >>

ADB: Human capital and infrastructure key to Myanmar's growth

Myanmar's economic growth could push per capita income to nearly 5,000 USD by 2030 if more is invested in human capital and infrastructure, a new report finds. But ... more >>