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IMF delivers on debt relief for Ebola-stricken countries

The Ebola outbreak has devastated parts of West Africa, killing thousands and wreaking havoc on the region's economy. The International Monetary Fund has made good on ... more >>

Hedge funds' claims against Porsche dismissed

US hedge funds seeking more than a billion euros in damages from Porsche lost another lawsuit in a German court, after the judge ruled they cannot hold the sports ... more >>

Can a junk-food tax save the Navajos?

The US' biggest Native American tribe has taken an unprecedented move to overcome one of its biggest existential threats. But the fat-tax may not be the silver bullet ... more >>

EU migrants can be refused benefits

As the European Union struggles with economic recovery, immigration has remained a thorny issue. In the latest ruling by the European Court of Justice, migrants may ... more >>

Charlemagne: In Germany’s shadow

UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  The world is going to ... more >>

Coal mining: In the depths

UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  The world is going to ... more >>

European bank mergers: Passport check

UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  The world is going to ... more >>

Oil prices rise as rebels attack key port city and fears grow of new Middle East war

Oil prices have reached their highest point in weeks as Houthi rebels in Yemen battle for control of the strategic city of Aden. The southern port is a key stop on the... more >>

Adidas wants to shoot to top with new strategy

German sportswear giant Adidas has presented its new business plan through the year 2020, which it says will pave the way for double-digit annual growth. Major ... more >>

Solar company SMA deeply in the red

Germany's SMA solar company, a leading producer of inverters, has reported a net loss for 2014. It said rapidly sinking demand and enormous price pressures from ... more >>

Toyota outlines plan to step up styling and slash costs to fend off competitors

Toyota got to be the world's top carmaker by offering reliable vehicles at reasonable prices. But the result was often some of the most boring car designs going. ... more >>