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Bloomberg apologizes for crashed terminals after IT meltdown halts London trading

Financial software and data provider Bloomberg has apologized for an IT meltdown which affected its 320,000 users' terminals around the world. A weekly bond sale in ... more >>

EU plan to label settlement products angers Israel

European foreign ministers have raised the ire of Israel by calling for special labeling for products from Israeli settlements. The move has been compared to "a yellow... more >>

Germany's complicity in Mexican drug wars under scrutiny

German authorities' failure to investigate an arms to deal to Mexico is contributing to the ongoing conflict there, protesters in Stuttgart have claimed. Heckler and ... more >>

'Germany must stop supplying weapons to Mexico'

Last year, 43 trainee teachers in Mexico were apparently murdered in a case that outraged the country. DW speaks to one of their fellow students about Mexico's toxic ... more >>

Opinion: Winterkorn scores a victory at VW - for now

Martin Winterkorn is set to remain head of Volkswagen, despite last week's public rebuke from patriarch Ferdinand Piëch. But DW's Henrik Böhme has his doubts this will... more >>

Google to punish mobile-unfriendly sites

Experts warn of a "Mobile-geddon" as the online titan prepares to change the way its search engine ranks websites on mobile devices. Businesses failing to go ... more >>

Winterkorn to stay CEO at Volkswagen

German carmaker Volkswagen (VW) has ended the crisis in its top management which pitted CEO Martin Winterkorn against VW's powerful board chairman Ferdinand Piëch. ... more >>

VW sales figures highlight weaknesses

German carmaker VW has announced sales figures for the first quarter. They reveal where the firm's biggest building sites are and what may have caused friction at the ... more >>

Eurozone deflation fears subside in March

The fall in consumer prices across the eurozone continues to ease, as inflation inches towards positive territory. Economists are cautiously optimistic the recent ... more >>

Schlumberger cuts more jobs on low oil prices

US-based oil-services company Schlumberger has announced more drastic layoffs as the firm struggles with low crude prices. The firm said it had to cut its drilling ... more >>

Whither Winterkorn? VW feud ends with a cliffhanger

Will VW CEO Winterkorn stay, or will he go? A power struggle at one of the world's biggest car dynasties has the entire industry on edge. The nail-biting continues ... more >>