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France calls on Germany to invest 50 billion euros in eurozone

Ahead of a visit to Berlin, two French ministers have called on Germany to invest 50 billion euros. It is the same amount by which Paris is to reduce public spending. more >>

Store chain Karstadt to name new boss with closures in view

Loss-making department store chain Karstadt is set to name its third chief executive in a year. Store closures and job losses are also on the table. more >>

Lufthansa pilots to strike when DB trains back on track

The Lufthansa pilots' union will strike on October 20 and 21. The action comes just in time: The German train drivers' union has promised no stoppages for seven days ... more >>

Deutsche Bahn drivers promise week without strikes

The German train drivers' union has promised no strikes for a week starting Monday. A 50-hour strike that began on Saturday has hit millions of travelers. more >>

German train drivers' union strikes again after ‘sham offer’ from Deutsche Bahn

German train drivers are striking through Monday. On Friday, their union rejected a new pay offer put forth by the national railway operator. more >>

EU, Singapore wrap up free-trade talks

The 28-member European Union and Singapore have completed their negotiations on a free-trade agreement. The two sides reported that even the controversial chapter on ... more >>

Slovenian Economy Minister Petrovic resigns

Slovenian Economy Minister Jozef Petrovic has resigned after learning he is being probed over alleged fraud in deals with the administration. He was appointed only a ... more >>

Russia and Ukraine make headway in resolving gas dispute

Moscow and Kyiv have reached a tentative gas deal aimed at resuming Russian supplies to Ukraine ahead of the cold winter months. The EU-brokered talks in Milan ... more >>

VW recalls a million cars worldwide

Volkswagen has recalled more than a million vehicles in China, Germany and North America. The company said it needed to fix a problem with the rear axles. more >>

Deutsche Bahn offers pay hike to head off strike

German rail operator Deutsche Bahn has made train drivers an offer to avoid renewed strikes over the weekend. But for the GDL union, the proposed pay hike may not go ... more >>

New York finds Airbnb listings mostly illegal

New York has scrutinized 'sharing economy' pioneer Airbnb, finding most of its housing rentals in breach of laws. It says commercial operators dominate a service meant... more >>