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Germany’s economy: Watching the wages

UK Only Article:  standard article Fly Title:  Germany’s economy Rubric:  Germany’s economy stutters, even if the fundamentals are strong ... more >>

The euro zone: That sinking feeling (again)

UK Only Article:  standard article Fly Title:  The euro zone Rubric:  If Germany, France and Italy cannot find a way to refloat Europe’s economy, ... more >>

Media: FBI investigating hack of JPMorgan from Russia

The FBI is investigating a hacking attack on JPMorgan Chase and at least one other bank, according to reports citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter. The attack led to the loss of sensitive data, media report. more >>

Payment scandal haunts IMF head Lagarde

During her tenure as French Finance Minister, IMF chief Christine Lagarde laid the ground for a 400-million-euro payment to a businessman. A French court now puts her under investigation for "negligence." more >>

Highstreet giant Zara pulls 'Holocaust' shirt

Fashion chain Zara has withdrawn a T-shirt following complaints that it resembled the striped clothing that Jews were made to wear at Nazi concentration camps. The company says the theme was supposed to be "Wild West". more >>

Draghi remarks drive eurozone debt costs to record lows

For eurozone countries borrowing money has never been cheaper. Speculation about further monetary stimulus from the European Central Bank has caused a drop in interest rates and drove the euro to its weakest in a year. more >>

Poland and Germany: Disagreements over the EU's Ostpolitik

IN RECENT years Germany has become Poland's closest political ally and economic partner. The heads of state, heads of government and foreign ministers of the two countries are on excellent terms and see each other frequently. But in the last few months this new closeness has been put to a test as... more >>

Chinese developer offers home discounts for Taobao shoppers

Property giant China Vanke has teamed up with e-commerce platform Taobao to offer discounts to homebuyers. The move is the latest attempt by the country's largest developer to lure customers amid a housing slump. more >>

European food companies call foul over Thailand fruit company

Business joins the international outcry over Thai company's lawsuits against human rights investigator Andy Hall. He faces civil and criminal charges over his work for rights group Finnwatch. more >>

Soup kitchen dishes up in New York's richest neighborhood

Since the economic crisis, survival on Manhattan's Upper east Side has become even harder for the poor. Soup kitchens with free meals provide some small relief. But political support for these initiatives is fading. more >>

IMF's Lagarde put under formal investigation for negligence

French magistrates have placed IMF chief Christine Lagarde under formal investigation. They said they'd look into her alleged role in a political fraud case reaching back to her time as Finance Minister. more >>

German consumer confidence gets a dent

The geopolitical situation is starting to weigh on German consumer confidence. For the first time in one and a half years, the closely watched GfK consumer confidence index fell in August. more >>

World's largest aluminum company Rusal profits shine

Aluminum conglomerate Rusal has reported a glowing first quarter profit after five quarters of losses. The Moscow based company said it reached positive territory again as prices picked up after a protracted dip. more >>

Turkey's textile industry: Improvement in sight?

Turkey is known as Europe's largest textile manufacturer. Many top global brands source garments from this country. Trade union leaders, however, criticize the poor working conditions in the industry. more >>

South Africa in the grip of stagnation

As South Africa continues its fight against a full-blown recession, analysts have debated different concepts of putting the economy back on track. DW asked economist Patrick Bond about his vision for the African nation. more >>

Tepco ordered to compensate in Fukushima suicide case

The operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant has been ordered to pay thousands in compensation because of a suicide linked to the 2011 meltdown diaster. The ruling could set a precedent for more claims. more >>

Burger King seals deal on Canadian doughnut chain Tim Hortons

Burger King has struck a multi-billion deal to buy Tim Hortons, a merger that will create the world's third largest fast-food provider. The new company will operate out of Canada, allowing Burger King to pay lower taxes. more >>

Indian regulators slap fine on carmakers for violating competition rules

Competition watchdog officials in India have imposed fines on over a dozen domestic and foreign carmakers for what they said were violations of fair market principles. The focus was on free access to spare parts. more >>

South Africa narrowly avoids recession

Africa's most advanced economy grew by 0.6 percent in the second quarter following a contraction in the first quarter. The country has avoided recession for now, but its economy remains fragile. more >>

China probes Microsoft's web browser, media player

Microsoft is targeted by Chinese regulators for allegedly breaching anti-monopoly rules. Announcing a formal probe, regulator SAIC has said it's focusing specifically on the Windows web browser and media player. more >>
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