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IEA: Crises cloud world energy outlook

Global security is headed for an uncertain future if world leaders fail to transform energy supplies, industry expert group IEA warns in new report. more >>

LuxLeaks: Juncker answers critics

The European Commission's new president, Jean-Claude Juncker, defended his record as prime minister of Luxembourg, amid mounting calls for his resignation over a brewing tax evasion scandal. more >>

Hotel spying: Spy-fi

DIPLOMATS and businessmen visiting the old East Germany used to operate on the (frequently justified) assumption that the Stasi, that country's notoriously nosy secret police, was bugging their hotel rooms with microphones hidden in the headboard or tiny cameras concealed in paintings on the ... more >>

Economic highs and humanitarian lows at ASEAN conference

The ASEAN conference has brought leaders to the capital of Myanmar to discuss topics as diverse as trade, territory, and terrorism. Some used the opportunity to highlight Myanmar's controversial humanitarian record. more >>

The ruble tumbles with the oil price

The Russian currency has lost a great deal of value, and the central bank in Moscow can no longer afford to prop it up. Russia's dependency on commodity energy exports has become more apparent than ever. more >>

Remembering the Berlin Wall: A night of joy

“DIE Mauer muss weg!” (“Away with the wall!”) shouted the hundreds of thousands of East Berliners who demonstrated in October and November 1989 against East Germany's fading communist regime. Their hopes were realised on November 9th as one checkpoint after another was opened (see article) and ... more >>

Germany's 'wise men' panel cuts growth

A group of senior German government economic advisers has substantially lowered its growth forecast for this year and next. It lays part of the blame for a cooling in the economy on current government policies. more >>

Yahoo buys video advertising service BrightRoll

Internet company Yahoo is spending $640 million (514.7 million euros) in cash on digital video advertising platform BrightRoll. The deal aims to strengthen Yahoo's faltering share of the global ad market. more >>

Five banks fined for forex rate rigging

US, British and Swiss regulators have slapped multi-billion-dollar fines on five global banks for attempted manipulation of foreign exchange markets. Swiss bank UBS received the biggest penalty. more >>

Swiss pocket watch nets record sale at Sotheby's

Billed as the world's most complex entirely handmade watch, Patek Philippe's "Henry Graves Supercomplication" has smashed its own 1999 record as the world's priciest timepiece, selling for nearly $24 million. more >>

In Moscow, Russia and Iran sign nuclear reactor deal

Russia has signed a deal with Iran to build two new nuclear reactors at the Bushehr site, already home to a 1,000-megawatt reactor. This comes as Iran seeks an accord with world powers on its contentious nuclear program. more >>

Germany tourism set for another record year

Travelers continue their throbbing love-affair with Germany, as the country’s tourist sector looks headed for a fifth consecutive record year. But critics warn that new industry taxes could reverse the trend. more >>

Transatlantic free trade in the balance

The planned EU free trade agreements with the US and Canada have been clouded by months of uncertainty. Now a compromise appears to be in the making following a visit by the EU trade commissioner to Berlin. more >>

G20 states still subsidize fossil fuel exploration

G20 governments pledged in 2009 to phase out financial support for fossil fuels. But a new study finds they spend nearly $90 billion a year subsidizing the search for new oil and gas reserves. more >>

Merkel rules out more economic sanctions against Russia

The German Chancellor has nixed new economic sanctions against Russia ahead of an EU meeting next week, where Moscow will top the agenda amid a fighting flare-up in eastern Ukraine. more >>

The world in numbers: Industries: Travel and Tourism

UK Only Article:  standard article Fly Title:  The world in numbers: Industries Main image:  20151101_nic010.png The ... more >>

European court: Germany can deny benefits to jobless EU immigrants

The European Union's top court has found that Germany can refuse welfare payments to unemployed EU citizens. The court had been asked to weigh in on the case of a Romanian woman living in Germany. more >>

Vodafone issues mixed half-year report

British mobile operator Vodafone has raised its full-year forecast for core earnings, citing encouraging progress made in its first second quarter ending September. But acquisition costs ate into profits. more >>

UK regulators cap payday loan interest

UK regulators have put an end to lenders demanding exorbitant interest on payday loans. They announced a fair cap for such short-term credits would come into effect as of next year to suit both borrowers and lenders. more >>

Alibaba sees Singles Day shopping bonanza

China's e-commerce giant Alibaba has said it's sold products worth billions of dollars in the first hours of Singles Day, the world's biggest retail event. Shoppers have been able to enjoy huge discounts. more >>
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