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German financial and political leaders critical of ECB stimulus plan

The European Central Bank has implemented a plan to ease the eurozone crisis by printing money and buying government bonds. Prominent figures in Germany were unimpressed, charging the bank with overstepping its bounds. more >>

DAX, dollar at new highs following ECB announcement

Germany's main stock index, the DAX, has reached record highs in Frankfurt after the ECB announced a bond-buying program. It was helped along by the euro, which fell to new long-term lows on the news. more >>

Li Ka-shing interested in buying O2 in Britain

Hong-Kong based Hutchinson Whampoa is set to acquire the UK's O2, according to newspaper reports. The move could create Britain's biggest mobile phone group, with some expecting a deal to be announced shortly. more >>

Can Syriza reduce Europe's debt?

Greece's far-left populist party, Syriza, says European countries are overburdened with debt. Its leaders are proposing a high-level conference to decide how to reduce and restructure that debt. What are their options? more >>

Should Europe open its borders to refugees?

A panel at the World Economic Forum discussed the opportunities and risks of immigration in Europe, chaired by DW Director General Peter Limbourg. Manuela Kasper-Claridge reports from Davos. more >>

Stock markets rally, euro hits lowest level against dollar in 11 years after ECB plan

The value of the euro has dropped to its lowest level against the US dollar since 2003. The sudden slump followed the ECB's announcement of a massive bond-buying program which it hopes will boost inflation. more >>

Quo Vadis, Europe?

The future of Europe has dominated the agenda in Davos, as debates revolved around two controversial issues: The European Central Bank's bond-buying program and the upcoming election in Greece. more >>

ECB's bond buy gets mixed response in Brussels

The leaders of Italy and France will rejoice at the ECB's decision to buy the debt issued by their governments. But members of the European Parliament are skeptical the policy will lead Europe out of the crisis. more >>

The ECB makes its mind up: The launch of euro-style QE

AFTER seemingly endless hints, rows and delays, the European Central Bank is finally launching a big programme of quantitative easing (QE), creating money to buy financial assets, in order to fight the euro zone’s slide towards deflation. From March this year until September 2016 the ECB will buy... more >>

Another record year for Bundesliga revenues

After a brilliant 2014 for the German national team, the Bundesliga recorded yet another year of record-breaking revenues in 2013/14. Germany's top flight also holds the highest average attendance in Europe. more >>

Opinion: ECB could fund a European renaissance

The ECB's decision to begin buying previously issued government bonds isn't going to rescue Europe's economy. The ECB needs to go a big step further, says Jasper Sky in an op-ed for DW. more >>

Chaos Computer Club contradicts EU, demands full encryption

The leading German computer club has rejected EU anti-terror plans to tap online chatter, instead calling for all online communication to be encrypted. Politicians, meanwhile, are seeking ways to read encoded messages. more >>

Merkel praises EU, criticizes Russia at Davos

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, the German Chancellor gave her outlook on a wide array of issues. Her talk touched on everything from Ukraine, to digitization, to a Greek exit from the euro. more >>

German politics: Gone boy on the right

UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  America’s new aristocracy Fly Title:  German politics Rubric:  ... more >>

Charlemagne: Berlin v Frankfurt

UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  America’s new aristocracy Fly Title:  Charlemagne Rubric:  ... more >>

Families and totalitarianism: Behind closed doors

UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  America’s new aristocracy Fly Title:  Families and totalitarianism Rubric:  ... more >>

Unrest 'taking its toll' on Bangladeshi economy

The ongoing campaign of protests and transport blockades by Bangladesh's second biggest political party, BNP, is heavily constraining public life and business activity, as Dhaka-based analyst Henrik Maihack tells DW. more >>

ECB unveils landmark trillion-euro stimulus

The European Central Bank has announced a massive stimulus program to shore up the eurozone economy that will involve large-scale purchases of sovereign debt. more >>

Video ads take off in mobile gaming apps

If you play games on your smart phone, chances are you've noticed the video advertisements that pop up while you are playing. Though annoying, they keep the app free - and are the newest link in the evolution of gaming. more >>

Real Madrid cement place as world's richest club

Spain's Real Madrid have once again been crowned the world's richest football club in an annual survey compiled by the accountancy firm Deloitte. Germany's Bayern Munich finished among the top three. more >>
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