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The dangers of 'shadow banks'

Shadow banks control $71 trillion in assets - more than 70 percent of world economic output. Politicians are beginning to voice concern about the implications. more >>

Investing: Rates, growth and returns

THE surprise of the year has been lower government bond yields. Despite a rise in recent days, the ten-year Treasury bond yields just 2.59%, compared with 3% at the start of the year. German ten year bond yields are 1.41%; the Swiss equivalent yields 0.73%.Broadly speaking, one can view the ... more >>

Lithuania to adopt euro currency in 2015

The European Commission and the European Central Bank have approved Lithuania's application to join the euro currency union, positioning the Baltic state to become the bloc's 19th member. more >>

Cutting edge robotics

Munich's Automatica trade fair showcases people-friendly robots. more >>

US slaps new tariffs on Chinese solar panels

The US has imposed fresh import duties on solar panels from China in a move that aims to curb trade practices but could inflame tensions between the world's two largest economies. more >>

Volkswagen raises fresh capital to fund Scania takeover

German carmaker Volkswagen (VW) has issued more than 10 million new shares to help finance its takeover of Swedish truck maker Scania. Investors could enjoy a discount on VW’s current share price. more >>

Explosions and fire at Shell chemical facility near Rotterdam

Firefighters have put out a fire that had burned all night at a Royal Dutch Shell chemical plant near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The cause of the explosions and fire is not yet known. more >>

German region backs brown coal, despite renewables drive

A brown-coal mine is to be expanded in eastern Germany, despite a federal switch to renewables. Brandenburg state's center-left administration says coal will act as a "bridge" while Germany's phases out nuclear power. more >>

Negative interest rates - the ECB's new 'big bazooka'?

Two ghosts are haunting the eurozone: low inflation and a strong euro. The European Central Bank (ECB) is likely to take aim at both by punishing banks that park money with the ECB. more >>

Turkish government complies with court order to unblock YouTube

The Turkish government has complied with a court order to unblock the video-sharing website YouTube. The government had been forced by a court order to lift a ban on the micro-blogging website Twitter. more >>

Russia, China create joint rating agency to counter US dominance

Russia and China have agreed to set up a joint ratings agency in a sign of growing ties between the two countries. They also aim to curb the influence of the US-based ‘Big Three’ in the ratings business. more >>

IEA: World needs surge in investment to meet energy needs

The world will have to invest trillions of dollars to meet their energy needs in the decades to come, the IEA watchdog has said in its latest report. It added that more incentives were required for renewables. more >>

Eurozone inflation drops further, puts pressure on ECB

The rate of inflation in the eurozone has dropped by more than expected, to 0.5 percent in May. The figures put further pressure on the ECB to act. more >>

France slams US for mooted BNP fine

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has called a reported $10-billion US fine for French banking giant BNP Paribas "unreasonable." The bank has been negotiating with US authorities for months. more >>

Eurozone unemployment lowest in 18 months, but disparities are huge

The number of jobless people across the 18-member euro area has fallen for the first time in many months. But the bloc's statistics agency warned that youth unemployment still remained a major issue. more >>

ILO lashes out at governments' austerity measures

The United Nations' labor agency has argued that premature austerity measures adopted by governments around the globe have hurt the world's most vulnerable people. It spoke of more poverty and social insecurity. more >>

ILO lashes out at austerity policies

The United Nations' labor agency has argued that premature austerity measures adopted by governments around the globe have hurt the world's most vulnerable people. It spoke of more poverty and social insecurity. more >>

Seattle to get highest minimum wage in the US

Municipal authorities in Seattle have approved the phasing in of the highest minimum wage across the United States. The deal was cheered by labor activists, but drew harsh criticism from business organizations. more >>

Fuest: 'EU recommendations count for little'

The EU Commission is formulating economic policy recommendations for member states. But even though it's good advice, countries are still dragging their feet, says economist Clemens Fuest. more >>

EU Commission warns Italy, France to rein in debt

The EU's executive has told Italy to tighten its budget this year and criticized France for not doing enough to rein in public debt. Germany should invest more and reform its tax system, the Commission said. more >>
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