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German Finance Minister caught in Argentine debt row

Argentina's government has criticized German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble for allegedly making a derogatory remark about its debt policy. US hedge funds suing Argentina for debt repayment unleashed the spat. more >>

New trucks: Thriftier and net-connected

Truck sales are sensitive to economic cycles, and many European economies are in the doldrums. But new technology on display in Hannover at IAA 2014, a trade fair for trucks, points to a brighter future. more >>

Malaysians still love national airline despite tragedies

Tragedy-stricken Malaysia Airlines is in the process of revamping itself in order to overcome financial losses. But the airliner still holds a special connection for many Malaysians. more >>

French employers suggest social rollback to stem economic slide

French business leaders have floated a set of policy measures that they've said will create a huge number of new jobs and overcome the economic slump. The proposals are primarily about cutting employee benefits. more >>

Cancelation of coalmine permits may further strain India's energy industry

After deeming the licensing process illegal, India's top court has canceled most coal mining permits allotted since 1993, a situation that could create significant problems for the energy industry, says Rajiv Biswas. more >>

Italian police nab record counterfeit notes in Naples

Italian police have arrested a man possessing 340,000 counterfeit 50-euro banknotes. The bills exceed the total counterfeit banknotes withdrawn from circulation by the European Central Bank during the first half of 2014. more >>

Germany tightens rules for tax dodgers

Germany is coming down harder on tax evaders, introducing draft legislation that foresees stricter rules for people who turn themselves in to escape punishment. more >>

German cabinet adopts electromobility draft law

The German government has thrown its weight behind a draft law ensuring long-term support for the development and use of electric cars. Extra funding and tax breaks are among the instruments to promote such vehicles. more >>

German business confidence hits 17-month low

A business survey has shown that confidence in Europe's largest economy is the lowest it has been for some time. As the mood among executives darkened, so did the outlook for the next six months. more >>

China says it is on track in fight against water pollution

The Chinese government has claimed it has made big strides to exceed its 2014 targets for cutting water pollution. It is still in the process, however, of overcoming a decades-old lack of environmental oversight. more >>

Air France denies French minister's announcement of 'abandoned' budget airline

Plans for Air France's budget airline, Transavia Europe, have been 'abandoned,' according to French Minister of Transport Alain Vidalies. Air France has denied the announcement, describing the claim as 'premature.' more >>

Australia's listed firms face financial uncertainty

A leading Australian accountancy body has shown that most of the country's listed companies are facing alarming financial difficulties. The report reflected the weakness of the domestic economy. more >>

Merkel and Samaras laud Greece's progress on reforms

Meeting in Berlin, Germany's Chancellor Merkel and Greek Prime Minister Samaras have said they see signs of progress resulting from structural reforms to Greece's economy. But sovereign debt is still growing. more >>

Berlin pushes for fast and free Internet on trains

The German government has promised free Internet access for all passengers travelling with national rail operator Deutsche Bahn. But the company is cautious about its only shareholder's ambitious plan. more >>

CF Industries, Yara in talks to form global fertilizer giant

US-based CF Industries and Norway's Yara International have announced they are discussing "a potential merger of equals" to create a new group. The combined company would challenge market leader Potash from Canada. more >>

Global Wealth Report sees middle class on the rise in most regions

In its latest assessment of gross financial resources in private households around the globe, German insurance group Allianz has found the world is getting richer again. The rise of the middle class is pivotal. more >>

German prosecutors charge Deutsche Bank executives with fraud

Deutsche Bank's co-chief executive, Jürgen Fitschen, again finds himself at the center of a lawsuit tied to a long-standing dispute over the collapse of a media empire. more >>

China manufacturing index defies expectations

Manufacturing and export orders in China have unexpectedly risen, confounding analysts' predictions. But the modest growth was not enough to dispel Beijing's fears of a weakening labor market. more >>

Canada and South Korea sign free trade agreement

Canada and South Korea have signed a free trade agreement to ensure companies better access to each other's markets. The deal serves as a gateway for Canadian businesses into the Asia-Pacific region. more >>

Electronics giant Philips to split company

The Dutch electronics giant Philips will soon split in two in order to cut costs. The company has already let go of some less profitable divisions in order to focus on higher-margin areas. more >>
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