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German Cartel Office signs off on Karstadt takeover

Anti-cartel authorities in Germany have signed off on a takeover of Karstadt department stores. They said a change in ownership would not affect competition as the retailer was merely changing hands. more >>

German weapon sales: A painful decision

FOR other weapons exporters, the decision was easy. The Islamic State (IS) has overrun and terrorised swathes of Iraq and Syria. Germany is, with Britain and France, one of Europe’s biggest arms-makers. Fears of the possible genocide of Iraq’s Yazidis and brutality like the beheading of an ... more >>

Air Berlin logs quarterly profit, revises route network

Germany's second-largest carrier, Air Berlin, has logged moderate profits in the second quarter, but structural problems remain a headache. The airline announced plans to further reduce its route network and fleet. more >>

Borussia Dortmund set to announce massive capital increase

The second-biggest sports club in Germany, Borussia Dortmund, is trying to narrow the financial gap between itself and arch-rival FC Bayern Munich. Media reports suggest the club is about to issue millions of new shares. more >>

Russia extends probe into McDonald's restaurants

A Russian consumer safety watchdog has said it's widening its current probe into McDonald's restaurants across the country. It spoke about concerns that the US company might have violated sanitary requirements. more >>

Infineon shells out billions for US rival International Rectifier

German chip maker Infineon has confirmed it signed a contract to take over US competitor International Rectifier. Infineon said the merger will boost its product range and its US market presence. more >>

Chancellor Merkel challenges Nobel economists

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked Nobel laureate economists why their discipline got so much so wrong in recent years. And she challenged them to come up with new measures of well-being. more >>

German exports to Russia take a dive amid Ukraine conflict

German shipments to Russia have plunged sharply as the standoff between the West and Moscow over Ukraine drags on. The latest figures revealed that producers of car parts and machinery were hit particularly hard. more >>

Opinion: Fast Internet has its price

Germany's federal government wants to provide faster Internet connectivity for its citizens, but it hasn't put nearly enough money on the table. A more serious financing plan is needed, says DW's Olaf Krieger. more >>

German cabinet adopts 'Digital Agenda' for expanded broadband Internet

German government ministers have thrown their weight behind a medium-term agenda geared toward making broadband Internet available across the country. But it is little more than a declaration of intent. more >>

Most German football clubs operate at a profit

A new survey has shown two out of three professional German football clubs are on solid financial footing. Unlike their counterparts in other European leagues, Bundesliga managers see revenues outpacing expenses. more >>

Ballmer will 'look forward' after Microsoft

He may not have been as iconic as Bill Gates, but former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was a trailblazer at the 39-year-old software giant. Now he is relinquishing his seat on the company's board. more >>

China fines Japanese auto parts suppliers for monopoly

China has levied record fines on a dozen Japanese car parts makers for price fixing. The measures are a part of China's efforts to tighten compliance with anti-monopoly laws in the world's largest auto sector. more >>

Argentina aims to skirt US court's debt ruling

Argentina is looking to sidestep a US court ruling preventing it from paying back some creditors. New legislation foresees repatriating outstanding debt and proposing a bond swap at a national trustee bank. more >>

Ballmer resigns from Microsoft board

He may not have been as iconic as Bill Gates, but former Microsoft CEO Ballmer was a trailblazer at the 39-year-old software giant. Now he is relinquishing his seat on the company's board. more >>

Network wants to see more women in tech startups

Berlin tech scene startup Geekettes is building a network of female tech entrepreneurs and professionals. It's mentoring startups - and partnering with big software firms to try to get more women interested in IT jobs. more >>

Google reported to work on accounts for children under 13

US Internet giant Google has reportedly been working on plans to allow youngsters under the age of 13 to open online accounts. Media reports said parents would be granted full control over how the services were used. more >>

Shares in shipping group Moeller Maersk surge on strong profit

Danish shipping and oil conglomerate Moeller Maersk has reported strong second-quarter profit. The surge in earnings came about not least due to the company shedding its stake in a supermarket chain. more >>

Germany proposes tougher cybersecurity law

Germany's interior minister has proposed legislation to shore up businesses' cybersecurity infrastructure. The new law would require companies in critical sectors to register any hacker attack. more >>

Karstadt board postpones restructuring meeting

A board meeting concerning the overhaul of loss-making department store chain Karstadt has been indefinitely postponed. Executives were going to discuss restructuring plans after an Austrian investor's takeover. more >>
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