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Germany, US seek to dispel worries over planned free trade pact

German Deputy Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said on Monday that an EU-US trade agreement would not mean lower standards for Europe. Gabriel had invited EU and US trade representatives for a meeting in Berlin. more >>

Athens insists on debt relief

Greece is currently urging the IMF and the EU Commission to extend its debt repayment period and a cut in interest rates, claiming that it has achieved a primary surplus. But economists come up with different numbers. more >>

Portugal walking a tightrope

Portugal intends to leave the European bailout scheme in May without any transitional help and precautionary credit line. The country is currently able to stand on its own feet. But how long will the recovery last? more >>

German retail Group Metro plans major expansion in India

German consumer goods trader Metro is keen to grow in emerging markets to make up for shrinking sales in western Europe. more >>

European Commission says EU economic recovery will continue

The European Commission forecasts modest growth in Europe for this year and next -provided member countries carry through planned reforms. more >>

Bundesbank dismisses French PM Valls' call for weaker euro

French PM Manuel Valls has called for monetary policies aimed at weakening the Euro to boost European export competitiveness. A Bundesbank spokesman called the proposal "worrying" and indicative of "a 1970s mentality". more >>

Vietnam protests China drilling for oil in disputed waters near Paracel Islands

Hanoi has accused Beijing of illegally drilling for oil in Vietnamese waters. The row comes amid fears in the region over China’s growing military and economic power. more >>

Eurozone welcomes Portugal's exit from bailout program

Southern eurozone member Portugal has announced it will not need further international rescue funds it had been granted in the debt crisis. The government noted the country returned to growth after unpopular reforms. more >>

Samsung-Apple patent trial yields mixed verdict

A US jury has ordered Samsung to pay almost $120 million in compensation to Apple, ruling that the South Korean company had infringed on two Apple patents. But this latest ruling fell well short of Apple's hopes. more >>

Less Russian energy at any price would be best

The EU commissioner for energy wants to member states to pay a single price for Russian gas. DW's Henrik Böhme would like to see Europe move faster to reduce its dependency on Russia fuels, regardless of the price. more >>

Opinion: Less Russian gas - whatever the cost

The EU Energy Commissioner wants member states to pay a single price for Russian gas. DW's Henrik Böhme would like to see Europe move faster toward reducing its dependency on Russia fuels, regardless of the price. more >>

EU wants to pay a uniform price for Russian gas

Energy and growth go hand in hand. That’s why the EU, Russia, Poland and Ukraine haven’t wasted any time to look for common ground in the upheaval created by unrest in eastern Ukraine. more >>

Russia threatens gas supplies to Ukraine unless bills are paid

The gloves have come off at an energy summit in Warsaw. The EU says it wants members to pay only a single price for Russian gas, and Russia is demanding Ukraine begin paying its debt for gas this month. more >>

AstraZeneca rejects Pfizer's sweetened bid

Hours after US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer upped its offer for British-Swedish competitor AstraZeneca, the latter rejected the takeover attempt. It said the bid did not reflect the company's real value. more >>

BASF struggles with strong euro, but secures bottom-line profit

The world's largest chemicals company, BASF, has reported a dent in earnings from its oil and gas business. But its chemicals segment has more than compensated for it, seeing the German firm growing in the first quarter. more >>

Frankfurt issues first bond backed by Chinese currency

China’s currency was once so immovable nobody saw much sense in owning it. But the more Beijing loosens its grip, the more investors want to get their hands on it. The rags-to riches currency now comes to Frankfurt. more >>

German taxes: Steep and cold progression

UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  What would America fight for? Fly Title:  German taxes Rubric:  ... more >>

German court kicks off insolvency proceedings for wind park group Prokon

Three months after German wind park group Prokon filed for bankruptcy, a district court has announced the official start of insolvency proceedings. Investors are still hoping to get at least some of their money back. more >>

Dutch police arrest Greenpeace activists attempting to block Russian tanker

Dutch police have arrested dozens of environmental activists after they attempted to stop an oil tanker in Rotterdam. It was making a first delivery of Arctic oil to the Dutch port. more >>

Protesters defy May Day demonstration ban in Istanbul

Turkish police have fired water cannons and tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters defying a ban on May Day rallies in Istanbul's symbolic Taksim Square. Much of the city's public transportation has been shutdown. more >>
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