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German business climate hits near-two-year low

A key barometer of German business sentiment has dropped to levels not seen in almost two years. The latest Ifo benchmark index suggested Europe's biggest economy may be in for a bumpy ride in the months to come. more >>

Stress test buoys markets, but not for long

Financial markets have largely welcomed the results of the European Central Bank's stress test, but gains made in early trading were tempered by a slump in German business confidence. more >>

New strikes hit Amazon after month's respite

Employees working for US retail giant Amazon in Germany have resumed strikes at several locations. Their core demand remains the same - higher pay and better working conditions. more >>

Hong Kong, Shanghai Stock Connect postponed

Hong Kong and mainland Chinese shares have taken a dive by falls in brokerages. The drop was caused by uncertainty over the launch of a cross-trading scheme linking the Hong Kong and Shanghai exchanges. more >>

Opinion: Praying for stability won't help

Only 13 of the 130 banks subjected to the European Central Bank's stress test have capital shortfalls on their books. This is too good to be true, says DW's Rolf Wenkel. more >>

ECB fails 25 banks in landmark review

Twenty-five European banks have failed a comprehensive review of their balance sheets. Of those 25 banks, 12 have sufficiently recapitalized this year. more >>

Financial watchdog warns on Iran, North Korea

A global financial watchdog has warned that Iran and North Korea have not addressed money-laundering or funding of terrorism. It said banks should be wary of business deals or transactions involving either pariah state. more >>

ECB rumored to fail 25 banks in stress test

A confidential draft of the European Central Bank's stress test of eurozone banks has reportedly shown that 25 financial institutions failed the review. more >>

Deutsche Bank sees millions in Q3 legal fees

Deutsche Bank has said it expects to pay close to 900 million euros in legal fees in the third quarter. The high price tag comes as Germany's largest lender fights charges of interest rate manipulation and other sins. more >>

UK PM Cameron balks at EU payment demand

An European Union summit has been interrupted by a demonstratively angry British Prime Minister David Cameron, who rejected a "sudden" request that London pay billions more into the bloc's budget. more >>

Merkel calls on Putin to back Ukraine gas solution

Angela Merkel has urged Vladimir Putin to adopt a swift solution to a bitter gas dispute with Ukraine, as winter approaches. Russia and Ukraine are at odds over how to deal with Kyiv's huge debt. more >>

How diversification can help boost growth in Asia's rural areas

Despite Asia's economic growth, poverty remains a major issue in rural areas. But ADB analyst Mark Kunzer explains to DW how "green growth" can benefit rural communities and why a diversification of livelihoods is key. more >>

UK economy grows more slowly, but grows

Britain's gross domestic product (GDP) has expanded in the third quarter, albeit at a slightly slower pace than in the previous three months. But increased prosperity might backfire, budget experts warned. more >>

Asian infrastructure bank gets big support

The launch of a China-dominated Asian infrastructure bank has received the backing of 21 nations in the region. But it has also drawn criticism from the West, where it's seen as a threat to the World Bank and others. more >>

Amazon in for 'blue Christmas' season?

US online retail giant Amazon has reported a hefty net loss for the third quarter, sending its shares into a downward spiral. The company said the negative result was due to heavy investment in new products. more >>

EU leaders examine 2015 budgets, Italy peeved

Italian Premier Renzi has threatened to spotlight the costs of running Brussels institutions as EU leaders turn to debating budgetary plans for 2015 on day two of their summit. Italy and France are pushing for leeway. more >>

EU examines 2015 budgets, Italy peeved

Italian Premier Renzi has threatened to spotlight the costs of running Brussels institutions as EU leaders turn to debating budgetary plans for 2015 on day two of their summit. Italy and France are pushing for leeway. more >>

German consumer confidence stops falling

Not that geopolitical tensions in many regions of the world have become less virulent, but German consumers appear to be less fazed by them now, market researchers say. Household confidence levels are slightly up. more >>

BASF lowers 2015 operating profit outlook

Germany's BASF has reported growing sales for the third quarter amid a difficult business environment. But it warned it might not be able to meet earlier operating profit targets next year. more >>

Karstadt retailer to close six stores

The supervisory board of Germany's Karstadt department store chain has announced the closure of several stores across the country is inevitable. It also appointed the retailer's new CEO. more >>
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