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Bundesbank worried about Greece

Germany's central bank has expressed its dissatisfaction with the reform process in Greece. In its latest monthly report, it said Athens would not be able to avoid bankruptcy without changing its course in negotiations. more >>

German train drivers to strike again

Just over a week after the country's longest-ever rail strike, Germany's GDL train drivers' union has said it will hold another strike. The GDL and Deutsche Bahn have blamed each other for the failure of wage talks. more >>

Should paper money be abolished?

German economists have breathed new life into a years-old debate of whether or not it would make sense to do away with paper money. While some claim it's the only way forward, others warn of a loss of freedom. more >>

Vattenfall to invest heavily in Berlin

Swedish power supplier Vattenfall has told a German newspaper it wants to invest billions in Berlin's energy grid until the end of the decade. But it appears unwilling to grant municipal authorities much influence. more >>

Takeover fears, not stifling journalists, sent Heckler & Koch to military intelligence

Embattled German weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch has admitted to attempted spying on journalists amid fears of a possible corporate takeover in 2013. The company is one of the most successful gunmakers in the world. more >>

Ingolstadt promoted to Bundesliga

Ingolstadt beat RB Leipzig 2-1 on Sunday to secure the best record in the German second division and promotion to the top flight. But they're a somewhat controversial addition to the Bundesliga. more >>

No-shows and blame game: GDL and DB talks stall again

Negotiations between a German train drivers' union and the national rail operator are at a new impasse. The GDL and Deutsche Bahn have blamed each other after talks set for Sunday failed to materialize. more >>

India, China sign trade deals worth billions

India and China have signed numerous deals in areas including renewable energy, ports, financing, telecommunications and film. The trade deal between the two Asian neighbours is reportedly worth billions. more >>

Portugal's economy post-bailout

Four years ago, the Portuguese economy was bailed out with EU funds. Last year, it officially exited the program. Now it wants to pay off an IMF loan early. But all's still not well. Jochen Faget reports from Lisbon. more >>

Attack on mobile ads - and on Google

Ads popping up on mobile websites generate billions for ad sellers. But mobile carriers are upset that ad-sales companies like Google aren't sharing revenues with them - so they're hitting back with ad-blocking software. more >>

War-torn Ukraine's economy contracts sharply

The economy in Ukraine has taken a nosedive in the first months of the year, contracting more than analysts predicted. The news comes as Kyiv negotiates a debt restructuring deal with creditors. more >>

SABMiller buys popular British beer maker

A leading global beverage giant, SABMiller, has announced plans to acquire a small London-based brewery as it tries to score a bigger foothold in the United Kingdom's rapidly growing craft beer scene. more >>

New round of strikes at Deutsche Post

Labor disputes across various sectors are taking its toll on Europe's largest economy. Adding to the latest wave of strikes is Germany's postal service and logistics giant Deutsche Post. more >>

China's overseas investment surges

With China's growth slowing, domestic investors have been eyeing foreign companies. The country's own appeal as an investment destination continues to decline, but overseas direct investment surges. more >>

For Bombardier, fewer jets means fewer jobs

The struggling Canadian aircraft maker Bombardier has said it will lay off 1,750 workers as it tries to cope with sluggish demand for some of its business jets. The cuts will hit workers in Canada and Northern Ireland. more >>

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