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Brazil investigates Bilfinger over 2014 World Cup contracts

The Brazilian government is probing a Germany-based firm over allegations of bribery in connection with 7.1 million euros worth of World Cup 2014 contracts. The firm says it's investigating. more >>

Moscow to aid carmakers as VW cuts Russia staff

Russia has announced subsidies to its ailing auto industry, which has been hit by weak demand due to a currency crisis and soaring prices. The news came as Volkswagen said it would cut back its operations in Russia. more >>

BlackRock hit by hefty fine in Germany

Many people recognize the name BlackRock, but don't know the extent of the power of the world's largest asset manager. Faced with record fines in Germany, the firm has come under fire for its recent lapses. more >>

Fire along North-South Korea border threatens industrial zone

Firefighters from North and South Korea are fighting a wildfire Monday that’s threatening the Kaesong join industrial zone, where workers are trapped. Both sides have blocked access to the zone because of the blaze. more >>

EU nabs more dangerous products at borders

EU authorities are becoming more skilled at keeping risky products from landing in the hands of unwitting consumers. Most of the dubious goods discovered come from China, and that's not a new trend at all. more >>

German trade surplus soars to new record

Germany's controversial trade surplus reached a new high in 2014. Economists say the trend is continuing this year, as the weaker euro fuels Germany's export machine, but not everyone is happy about it. more >>

ChemChina to buy Italy’s Pirelli

Chinese companies are back on the acquistion trail lured by a cheaper euro and an improving economic outlook in Europe. Italian manufacturing legend Pirelli is set to pass into Chinese hands. more >>

US regulators target Deutsche Bank over Libor

According to media reports, the New York-based Department of Financial Services has started investigating Deutsche Bank over alleged Libor manipulation. The lender is already under fire from the Justice Department. more >>

Report: Islamic Kuveyt Turk Bank to be granted German license

According to a report in a business daily, Germany is about to get its first fully operational Islamic bank. The report says Germany's financial regulator will grant an operating license to the Turkey-based bank. more >>

Lufthansa: Flights back to normal after pilots' strike

The management of German airline Lufthansa has said its services are now back to normal after a four-day walkout by pilots. But the labor unions have warned of further stoppages, likely over the Easter holidays in April. more >>

The week ahead: Hard times for Tsipras

UK Only Article:  standard article Fly Title:  The week ahead Rubric:  Greece and Germany try to sort out the euro, Afghan leaders go... more >>

Germany pledges to stand firm in US-EU TTIP trade talks

Germany's economy minister has pledged to prevent any clauses in a US-EU trade deal that go against his party's ideals. Social Democrats Sigmar Gabriel says this includes protection clauses called for by the US. more >>

German Transport Minister Dobrindt defends planned road toll

German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt plans to introduce a new road toll in 2016, effectively aimed at foreign drivers. The controversial law could be put to a vote next week. more >>

Lufthansa strike hits long-haul flights

A strike of Lufthansa's pilots has disrupted about half of the airline's lucrative long-distance flights. Lufthansa has accused the pilots' union of refusing to negotiate. more >>

The curse of a weak euro

The ECB's lax monetary policy has weakened the euro and fueled exports. At the same, inflation has been picking up through more expensive imports. Both effects are intended, but dangers loom long-term. more >>

A parallel currency for Greece?

If Greece fails to get a grip on its finances, the country could be forced to issue a parallel currency - all while officially remaining in the eurozone. Is it time to revisit the idea of a "gruro?" more >>

German power net survives solar eclipse

Germany has more installed solar power capacity than any other nation. That led to worries that Friday morning's solar eclipse might destabilize the power network. Network operators prepared carefully for the event. more >>

Opinion: CeBIT tech fair end may be nigh

This year's edition of the CeBIT computer fair is over. Officially, the organizers are pleased with how it went. But DW's Henrik Böhme thinks that the fair, in its current form, has outlived its usefulness. more >>

Lufthansa cancels 800 flights due to pilot's strike

German pilots union Vereinigung Cockpit has continued its strike for the third consecutive day and announced it would be extended over the weekend. Nearly 800 short and medium-haul Lufthansa flights were cancelled. more >>

Amazon test drones to take off after US approval

The US online retail giant has received a certificate from US regulators to experiment with unmanned aircraft for research, development and crew training, in support of its efforts to deliver packages with flying drones. more >>
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