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Economic woes put brakes on EU car sales

European car sales logged moderate increases despite falling demand and stagnation in the eurozone's two largest economies. But the new figures show growth is at its slowest pace this year. more >>

Ruble falls further despite emergency rate rise

Russia's currency has continued its plunge against the dollar and euro, despite a massive interest rate hike by the country's central bank. After a brief rebound, the ruble has fallen to a new all-time low. more >>

EU opens probe into joint coffee venture

A leading Dutch coffee vendor and a US snack giant proposed to team up in May, hoping to take on other majors in the coffee business. But the European Commission is concerned what this might mean for consumers. more >>

China PMI signals economic contraction

Manufacturing activity in China has fallen to a 7-month low this month, according to a key economic indicator. Investors are calling for more stimulus amid fears the world's second-largest economy is losing steam. more >>

Russia hikes up key interest rate in bid to bolster ruble

Russia's central bank has dramatically raised its key interest rate in an effort to prevent the collapse of the ruble. The currency is under pressure as oil prices slide and Western sanctions over Ukraine begin to bite. more >>

Ukrainian PM appeals for help from NATO, EU

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has urged NATO to do more to help his country's military as it struggles to quell a pro-Russian insurgency. He also appealed to the European Union for urgent financial help. more >>

Nation-wide strike slows Belgium to a crawl

Belgium unions protesting government reforms have grounded flights, shut sea ports, and brought trains to a standstill. Isolated incidents have been reported between union members and riot police. more >>

China's long farewell to coal

At the Lima climate conference, China promised to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. But it has a long road ahead to free itself from its dependence on coal. Future climate stability depends on how fast it succeeds. more >>

France bans rideshare apps like Uber

French taxi drivers have succeeded in persuading the French government to ban rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft. A harsh new law takes effect in January. The move is good for taxi drivers, but will cost consumers money. more >>

Amazon workers in Germany to stage three-day strike

Workers at Amazon warehouses in Germany have launched a fresh strike, the latest in an ongoing wage dispute with the US-based online retailer. The walkout is aimed to coincide with the company's peak holiday season. more >>

Berlin airport chief Mehdorn resigns

The chief executive of Berlin's new BER airport, Hartmut Mehdorn, has announced his resignation next year. The step comes after differences with the company board over the opening of the long-delayed airport. more >>

Bundesbank backs ECB on monetary stimulus

Germany has echoed the European Central Bank's line on adopting further stimulus measures to boost the eurozone. Traditionally 'hawkish' in its monetary policy, the Bundesbank has just released a surprising report. more >>

New FAA policy to ground toy drones

The FAA is under pressure to restrict the flying of toy drones in public areas. The agency estimates recreational fliers have caused numerous close calls near airports, stadiums and military bases. more >>

What does Abe's landslide victory mean for Japan?

The coalition of Japan's PM Shinzo Abe has won a large majority in a parliamentary poll enabling him to pursue his reform agenda. But low turnout shows voters saw no real choice, says analyst Kristin Surak. more >>

Japanese business confidence down, survey shows

Japanese manufacturers are wary of the country's economic prospects, according to a leading survey measuring business sentiment. Outlook for the coming quarter is 'not so favorable' in the world's third-largest economy. more >>

Russian arms sales skyrocket

Moscow's dramatic increase in military expenditures over the last two years has caused a spike in the sale of Russian arms. Western firms, however, are still responsible for more than 85 percent of global arms sales. more >>

US arms sales down, Russia's up: SIPRI report on international arms transfers

Most weapons are produced and sold domestically. As a result, weapon sales are seeing a year-on-year drop in the US - and a corresponding rise in Russia. But experts say the trend might not last. more >>

The Economist explains: What has gone wrong with Germany's energy policy

ON DECEMBER 3rd the German government announced plans to redouble its Energiewende, or “energy transition”, and accelerate progress so that the country can meet its goals of a 40% cut in greenhouse gases (from 1990 levels) by 2020. The same week, E.ON, a big German utility, announced its decision... more >>

Merkel podcast seeks to reassure Russia on closer trade ties with Ukraine

In her weekly video podcast, Chancellor Angela Merkel has sought to reassure Russia about closer European trade ties with Ukraine. The value of the Russian currency and oil prices both ended the week down. more >>

Merkel podcast seeks to reassure Russia on Ukraine trade ties

In her weekly video podcast, Chancellor Angela Merkel has sought to reassure Russia about closer European trade ties with Ukraine. The value of the Russian currency and oil prices both ended the week down. more >>
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