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Germany's RWE first EU company to deliver gas to Ukraine

German utility company RWE has started delivering gas to Ukraine under a contract signed a couple of years ago. The alternative supply comes at a time when Kyiv has been facing hefty price hikes for Russian gas. more >>

Sydney to get long-awaited second international airport

Following decades of fruitless debates, the government of Australia has given the green light for the building of a second international airport in Sydney. It said the hub would be operational in about a decade. more >>

Google buys drone manufacturer Titan Aerospace

Google has purchased the company Titan Aerospace, a manufacturer of solar-powered drones. The Silicon Valley tech giant wants to harness drones to bring Internet access to people living in remote locations. more >>

WTO expects modest increase in global trade in the years ahead

The World Trade Organization has said it expects global trade activities to pick up moderately this year and next, following a two-year slump. But it warned geopolitical risks were not penciled in its latest outlook. more >>

Iran jockeys for position in gas supplies to Europe

Iran's industry and trade minister has told German reporters his country should be considered as a reliable partner for natural gas supplies to Europe, once current sanctions are lifted. Russia is part of the equation. more >>

French carmaker PSA trims model range to return to profitability

Struggling French auto maker PSA Peugeot Citroen has announced plans to drastically decrease the number of models it wants to produce. It viewed the measure as a crucial step to enhance its attractiveness. more >>

ThyssenKrupp to say good-bye to shipbuilding in Sweden

German heavy industry giant ThyssenKrupp has said it's negotiating a withdrawal from shipbuilding in Sweden. The Scandinavian nation said it wanted to concentrate the naval vessel business in national hands. more >>

Good-bye to shipbuilding in Sweden

German heavy industry giant ThyssenKrupp has said it's negotiating a withdrawal from shipbuilding in Sweden. The Scandinavian nation said it wanted to concentrate the naval vessel business in national hands. more >>

Overall global military spending falls, with increases seen in Russia, Asia and Africa

A new report has pointed to a sharp increase in military spending by nations including Russia and China. Other top spenders hailed from Africa and the Middle East, where gas and oil are fueling investment. more >>

Germany's DLR research center reported to have come under cyber attack

A major German research center is reported to have come under a sustained cyber attack for a period of months. There are indications that a foreign power may have been behind the attack. more >>

Ukraine's Naftogaz suspends payment to Russia

Ukraine's state-run energy company Naftogaz has called recently-raised Russian prices for natural gas unjustified, saying it has halted payments until rates can be negotiated. Naftogaz was already behind on its payments. more >>

Not much life left in the WTO

The World Trade Organization is turning 20. But with the chasm between its industrial and developing member states, it won't survive much longer after this anniversary, says DW's Rolf Wenkel. more >>

G20 expresses concern about Ukraine fallout, pushes US on IMF reforms

The Group of 20 leading economic powers has said that it is closely monitoring the situation in crisis-stricken Ukraine. At the same time, it has called on the US to ratify reforms to the International Monetary Fund. more >>

JPMorgan Chase logs drastic decline in earnings

JPMorgan Chase has reported a steep drop in net earnings for the first quarter. The United States' biggest lender in terms of assets attributed the decline to sluggish equities trading and weak mortgage business. more >>

BMW extends recall over adjustable camshaft screw defect

German luxury carmaker BMW has announced it's extending its recall of 6-cylinder vehicles with faulty screws in the adjustable camshaft system. The company said the defect could potentially lead to engine failure. more >>

Sony warns of battery fire risk in Vaio computers

Sony has warned its customers to stop using its newest laptop computer model because of a risk that the battery could overheat and catch fire. The Japanese electronics maker is considering a recall of the computers. more >>

Eon turns its back on Desertec renewables initiative

German utility giant Eon has announced it will not continue its participation in the Desertec Industrial Initiative beyond its current contract expiring at the end of 2014. It's another major blow to group. more >>

German inflation hits three-year low in March

German inflation dropped further in March, continuing its slide for the fourth consecutive month. Although the rate falls well short of the EU’s yardstick for inflation, economists say there’s no reason to worry. more >>

IMF warns of dangers to world economy

G20 finance ministers and central bank chiefs are set to discuss controversial issues at the annual IMF spring meeting. Risks posed by low inflation and the Ukraine crisis are very real, analysts warn. more >>

Germany ill-equipped to combat organized criminals at home

Italy’s mafia has long held sway outside traditional hubs of powerful organized crime families. A trial in Cologne has raised questions about the reach of Mafiosi in Germany - and authorities’ ability to combat them. more >>
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