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ADB: Human capital and infrastructure key to Myanmar's growth

Myanmar's economic growth could push per capita income to nearly 5,000 USD by 2030 if more is invested in human capital and infrastructure, a new report finds. But there are major constraints, as Cyn-Young Park tells DW. more >>

Russia's ruble skids to a historic low against the dollar

Russia's currency continues its slide as targetted EU/US sanctions grip tightens. Fears mount that the Russian economy is headed for recession more >>

Netflix launches in Germany

Internet TV streaming giant Netflix hits the Internet in Germany. 24 hour on-demand entertainment company offers competitive prices. After runanway success in the US, the Internet Company is now expanding into Europe. more >>

Alibaba increases IPO price range

Chinese online retail giant Alibaba has increased the price range for its upcoming flotation on Wall Street. The revised price would value the Chinese market leader at roughly $25 billion, far more than Facebook in 2012. more >>

Greenland gets whale hunting permit, Iceland's commercial program criticized

The International Whaling Commission has approved a hunting quota of 207 kills per year for aboriginal Greenlanders. Meanwhile, several countries have criticized Iceland for its commercial whaling program. more >>

GM to pay compensation for 19 deaths

The number of deaths linked to faulty ignition switches in General Motors cars has increased to 19, an outside attorney hired by the company has said. But the toll is likely to jump even higher. more >>

Weidmann: Monetary policy has 'reached its limits'

As EU finance ministers convened in Milan, the European Central Bank's latest decision stoked controversy. In an exclusive DW interview, German Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann assessed the bank's contentious move. more >>

Lufthansa pilots call off strike

Lufthansa has narrowly avoided a strike set for Tuesday after a pilots union announced it would continue negotiating with Germany's flagship carrier. more >>

US factory output drops for first time in seven months

Industrial output in the US has fallen unexpectedly after six months of gains, but analysts say the shortfall is somewhat misleading. more >>

Elections in Thuringia and Brandenburg: The transformation of German politics

THE place to be on election nights these days in Germany is not inside the respective state parliament but at whatever restaurant the Alternative for Germany has rented that evening. So it was two weeks ago in Dresden, when Saxons voted and swept the Alternative, an anti-euro and generally ... more >>

Russia to create corporate aid fund, tapping pensions

Moscow is planning to set up an emergency fund to help companies hit by sanctions imposed on Russian firms over the country's role in the Ukraine crisis. The money is to come from the Russian pensions system. more >>

Tech revolution drives camera and photo business

Visual communications are central to nearly every area of life and business nowadays. The rapid technology changes driving the imaging sector can be seen at the Photokina 2014 trade fair in Cologne. more >>

Pilots' strike grounds half of Air France's flights

Air France has urged many of its passengers to change or cancel their travel plans after a pilots' strike forced it to cancel around half of its flights. The work stoppage could intensify over the coming week. more >>

TUI forges world's biggest tourism operator

German travel group TUI and its British subsidiary TUI Travel have finalized terms on creating a new global leader in the tourism sector. The new entity will be based in Germany and is expected to save costs. more >>

EU-Ukraine trade deal delayed as concession to Russia

The European Union and Ukraine have agreed to delay the implementation of their free-trade pact until the end of next year. The move is a concession to Russia, which had complained its industry would be hurt by the deal. more >>

EU budget rows: To save or to spend?

The eurozone's finance ministers are at loggerheads in Milan over the right fiscal policy. The main bone of contention: Is it a good idea to raise spending to boost the economy or will high deficits scare investors? more >>

Ready to go: Mobile payments

Transactions using mobile phones are not a new idea, but Apple's mobile payment service is expected to be a resounding success. But experts say the service is not a good news for telecommunications companies. more >>

US announces fresh sanctions against Russia

The United States has announced more sanctions against Russia targeting the country's largest bank as well as oil and defense industries. The new measures come hours after the EU imposed new sanctions against Moscow. more >>

Computer composers and all-seeing algorithms: Music in the age of big data

When the music industry comes together, the topics of big data and digital streaming services tend to dominate the discussion. September's Berlin Music Week offered glimpses into the future of buying and selling music. more >>

EU court strengthens libraries' right to digitize

The EU has said libraries may digitize their own collections without permission from copyright holders. That makes more books available to more people - but irks copyright advocates and publishers. more >>
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