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India pledges economic take-off with new budget

India's finance minister has unveiled the new government's first full budget. He promised increased infrastructure spending, particularly on road and rail, and universal social security. more >>

Hollywood gem Görlitz fights for its identity

Hollywood has discovered the city of Görlitz as a prime film location, raising residents' hopes of an economic revival. But one investor's racially charged - and very public - comments are jeopardizing those prospects. more >>

What startups in Lagos and Hamburg have in common

For Nigerians it's heavy traffic and unreliable technology, for Germans it's red tape and risk aversion - but startups in both countries are grappling with lack of funds and skilled staff. more >>

US economy grows slower than expected

The US economy has not expanded as fast as previously believed, new data from the Commerce Department have shown. But analysts agreed the slowdown would only be of a temporary nature as the year progressed. more >>

German civil service unions call warning strikes for next week

Several German unions have called on their members to hold warning strikes next week amid a pay dispute. Schools, university clinics and justice institutions will be affected. more >>

India set for bumper growth in 2015

India's emerging economy is set to reach the highest growth rate of the world's bigger economies next year, a government report says, as it has shaken off high inflation, growing deficits and low domestic demand. more >>

BASF warns of 'significant uncertainty' in 2015

The world's biggest chemicals company, BASF from Germany, managed to carve out a profit last year despite 'challenging conditions' in the industry. Earnings were boosted by a significant divestment. more >>

Japan's war on deflation cast in fresh doubt

Japan's inflation rate has slowed for the sixth month in a row despite the Bank of Japan's massive monetary stimulus to spur growth. Falling prices put a damper on Tokyo's hopes to overcome years of deflation. more >>

Passenger jets lift Airbus 2014 earnings

European aerospace giant Airbus has reported higher-than-expected earnings for last year, boosted by strong sales of its civilian aircraft. Problems with its A400M military plane, however, weighed on profits. more >>

Opinion: Double standards

European rules have always been somewhat flexible, but they are supposed to apply to all countries. By treating big countries gently and small countries harshly, the EU strains its credibility, writes DW's Barbara Wesel. more >>

In narrow US vote, FCC favors Net neutrality

The US will regulate Internet service providers like telephone companies. Net neutrality bans ISPs from blocking and unfairly slowing down any Web traffic or striking deals with content companies. more >>

Hecklers dominate Bundestag road toll debate

Critics of a German road toll for foreigners have lashed out against the scheme as draft legislation on it saw its first reading in the national parliament. But the minister behind it defended it vigorously. more >>

Mark your calendar: Fridays set as global release date for new music

Starting this summer, new albums from musicians will be released on the same day worldwide. A group representing 1,300 record labels worldwide said the move would help combat piracy. more >>

Planned canal connects oceans, divides people

Nicaragua's government wants to build a massive canal that will connect the Pacific and Caribbean. Canal critics fear there will be confiscations of land, environmental mayhem and a job boom that will bypass the locals. more >>

Nicaragua canal connects oceans, divides people

Nicaragua's government is building a massive canal that will connect the Pacific and Caribbean. Canal critics fear there will be confiscations of land, environmental mayhem and a job boom that will bypass the locals. more >>

German foreign policy: A lurch onto the world stage

UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Planet of the phones Fly Title:  German foreign policy ... more >>

German job market defies winter season

Germany's labor market has withstood a normal winter downturn in February as companies added rather than cut jobs. Job creation in the country is supported by rising consumer and business sentiment. more >>

Morgan Stanley settles mortgage probe with fine

US investment bank Morgan Stanley has agreed to pay a hefty fine to settle an investigation into its role in the 2008 financial crisis. The probe centered on sales of mortgage-backed securities to gullible investors. more >>

German consumers in buoyant spending mood

Rising optimism about the economy and expectations to earn more in the future have further brightened the mood among German consumers, sending an important indicator to a level last seen in Germany in 2001. more >>

'Greece's problem is lack of demand, not skills'

Until very recently, Rania Antonopoulos was an economics professor in New York. Now as the new Greek deputy minister of labor, her mission is to figure out how to re-employ Greece's unemployed - and how to pay for it. more >>
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