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US sees sharp slowdown in economic growth

Harsh weather, plunging exports caused by a strong dollar, and sharp cutbacks in investment and government spending weighed on the US economy in the first quarter. GDP expanded by a meager 0.2 percent. more >>

World Bank forecasts massive Ukraine economy contraction

Ukraine is in a worse state economically than previously thought, the World Bank assumes. It drastically lowered its forecast for the country for 2015, saying the military conflict with separatists was a huge burden. more >>

Greece to unveil draft reform bill

The government will present international lenders with its most detailed reform proposal to date. It's meant to signal that Greece means business, putting the debt-ridden nation on track to seal a long-term loan deal. more >>

Sieren's China: E-cars verge on breakout

E-cars haven't yet properly caught on in China. But the government wants e-cars on the roads - and e-car makers who establish early dominance in China's market will win big, says DW's Beijing columnist Frank Sieren. more >>

Gazprom profits slump on weak rubel, Ukraine crisis

Last year, Russian gas giant Gazprom earned seven times less than in 2013, blaming the sharp decline in the value of the ruble and its frictions with Ukraine's gas operator Naftogaz for the massive downturn in profits. more >>

Samsung dethrones Apple as largest smartphone maker

A renowned research company has said Samsung has managed to recapture the title of the world's largest smartphone maker from US rival Apple. But to retain the crown will be anything but plain sailing. more >>

Twitter takes beating after dire outlook

Shares in Twitter have nosedived after the US social media company reported a drop in revenue for the first quarter and cut its full-year forecast because of weak demand for its new direct response advertising. more >>

Volkswagen beats earnings estimate

The post-Piëch era has gotten off to a good start for VW thanks to cost-cutting efforts higher demand. The German car giant has posted its first quarterly results since the sudden resignation of the company's chairman. more >>

Bolivia to supply lithium for e-car batteries

Three engineering firms, two German and one Swiss, are bidding for the right to build a lithium processing plant the in highlands of Bolivia. Lithium-ion batteries are used in mobile phones and electric cars. more >>

Greek PM Tsipras presses for early May debt deal

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has expressed confidence a deal with international lenders will be reached by early May. But he warned anything not covered by the government's mandate would result in a referendum. more >>

Dodgy stats understate Portugal's unemployment rate

Economic researchers say official statistics understate Portugal's unemployment rates by reclassifying people who don't have jobs as something other than "unemployed." Jochen Faget reports from Lisbon. more >>

Markets: The world turned upside down

YOU have to pay to insure your car, or your house, against theft or damage. Wouldn't it be good if the insurer had to pay you? Sounds ridiculous. But the rough equivalent may be about to happen in the bond market.Bonds can be insured against default via a credit default swap (CDS). The seller of ... more >>

Germany to be hit by Vattenfall's coal-ateral damage

Swedish energy group Vattenfall has reported a steep drop in quarterly profits and announced job cuts. In Germany, the company wants to sell its lignite-fired plants, but one research institute has an alternative. more >>

Commerzbank shares slump after capital increase

Shares in Germany's second biggest lender have been the biggest losers in European stock markets after Commerzbank completed a capital increase aimed at boosting its core capital to meet tighter EU requirements. more >>

Google launches digital news project in Europe

Technology giant Google and a host of European media outlets have agreed on a partnership aimed at improving the publishers' finances and supporting the news industry. Google pledges millions of euros for the initiative. more >>

Pre-election blow to Cameron's Conservatives as UK growth slows sharply

First-quarter GDP in Britain slowed more than expected, dealing a blow to the government ahead of next week's elections. Growth was lackluster across the board, including in the country's dominant service sector. more >>

UK growth slowdown to hit Cameron campaign

First-quarter GDP in Britain slowed more than expected, dealing a blow to the government ahead of next week's elections. Growth was lackluster across the board, including in the country's dominant service sector. more >>

Sentix survey shows 'Grexit' looming larger

Global investors are increasingly losing confidence in the ability of the eurozone to keep Greece in the euro. According to a survey by research group Sentix, half of those polled expect a Grexit within a year. more >>

Daimler posts record sales and profits

German luxury carmaker Daimler has reported record figures for sales, revenue and profit margins in the first quarter on the back of new models. The company expects worldwide demand for cars to grow in 2015. more >>

Apple's quarterly profits rise 33 percent over last year

Tech giant Apple has reported record quarterly profits. Huge iPhone sales, which have topped 61 million since January alone, bolstered sales revenues. more >>
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