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Syriza teams up with right-wing Independent party

Alexis Tsipras, the new Greek prime minister, has formed a coalition with the right-wing populist Independent Greeks. Opposition to Europe's imposed austerity has been the one issue to consistently unite the parties. more >>

Siemens in restructuring mode

Is the glass half-full or half-empty? Is a 25-percent profit drop just a one-off calamity or a precursor of a bigger disaster to come? That's what investors were asking at Siemens' shareholder meeting on Tuesday. more >>

Who is the 'radical' new Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis?

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday appointed a man who calls himself a "libertarian Marxist" as his new finance minister. But who is Yanis Varoufakis, the so-called scourge of the EU's austerity politics? more >>

Germany eyes 1.5-percent GDP growth for 2015

Media reports have claimed the German government has revised its 2015 growth outlook for the national economy in 2015. It said GDP would grow by 1.5 percent this year, up from a previous and more cautious estimate. more >>

EU finance ministers to crack down on terrorist financing

At a summit in Brussels on Tuesday, EU finance ministers discussed new ways to stop the flow of financing to terrorists. The new anti-money-laundering measures are also meant to combat corruption. more >>

Low oil prices hit German exports to OPEC

Low oil prices are a boon for most German businesses, cutting production costs and increasing profit margins. But the downside of the current oil slump is dwindling demand for German goods from oil producing countries. more >>

UK economic growth hits 7-year high

Official government data show the UK's economy expanded at its fastest pace last year since 2007. But with a slowdown in the fourth quarter, analysts wonder if recovery is really on the horizon. more >>

Russia: S&P downgrade was 'on Washington's orders'

Russian politicians have brushed off ratings agency Standard & Poor's downgrade of the country's debt, calling the decision politically motivated. Sanctions and falling oil prices have hit Russia's economy and the ruble. more >>

Siemens quarterly profit hit by sluggish economy, oil

Germany's Siemens has posted disappointing figures for its most recent quarter. Though this was in line with company expectations, the engineering conglomerate has a more optimistic view of the year. more >>

Greek cabinet eagerly awaited, in Athens and Brussels

Greece's new leader Alexis Tsipras is expected to name his government ministers later in the day. The euro, which hit an 11-year low against the dollar after the vote, recovered somewhat in early trading on Tuesday. more >>

Irish airline Aer Lingus green-lights IAG bid

Aer Lingus has given the nod to the takeover offer from IAG - its third proposal in six weeks. The Irish airline now needs to calm government concerns to win shareholder approval. more >>

Microsoft profit falls amid slumping PC sales, strong US dollar

Despite a dip in quarterly profit, Microsoft's revenue from business cloud services has more than doubled in the last quarter. The technology heavyweight is looking forward to a "cloud first, mobile first" future. more >>

Sieren’s China: Shanghai exchange inches nervously toward options rollout

The Shanghai Stock Exchange is counting down to next month's launch of the mainland's first stock option market. It will be an acid test for the capital markets, says DW columnist Frank Sieren. more >>

Zimmer: After Syriza win, creditors must help Greece

After Syriza's surprising win, the forced austerity of Greece's bailout cannot continue as before, Gabi Zimmer, the leader of the United Left bloc in the European Parliament, says in an interview with DW. more >>

S&P downgrades Russia to 'junk' territory

US ratings agency Standard & Poor's has downgraded Russia to a level just below investment-grade. The agency said its decision was based on the assessment that the nation's growth prospects had weakened. more >>

Confusion over German arms exports to Saudi Arabia

The German government on Monday refused to confirm or deny a newspaper report that it had stopped all arms exports to Saudi Arabia, in the wake of controversy over the Arab state's ongoing human rights abuses. more >>

Germany's Nahles launches big job scheme

Labor Minister Andrea Nahles intends to use EU funds to create thousands of jobs for disadvantaged people in Germany. Nahles launched the new scheme with EU Employment Commissioner Marianne Thyssen in Berlin on Monday. more >>

India's Modi promises easier tax system for foreign businesses

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told visiting US President Barack Obama his country would soon have a far more predictable tax system. The announcement came as India kept struggling to woo foreign investors. more >>

IAG lines up third bid for Irish airline Aer Lingus

Irish airline Aer Lingus has announced that it will consider a new improved takeover bid from IAG. The British Airways parent is now ready to pay 2.55 euros ($2.85) per share for the airline. more >>

European markets shrug off Greece's election results

European financial markets have proved undeterred despite concerns over the eurozone's stability following the Greek election result. The anti-austerity Syriza party took more than 36 percent of the vote. more >>
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